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Allow me to speak for all of us right here, right now, and say that we do not need any more drama in our lives. I'm confident that every single one of you who are reading this, can wholeheartedly agree with that. And when buying a new home, it is extremely important to get all of your ducks in a row beforehand. Hiring an experienced specialist (Ahem...*cough*JOEPERRY*cough*) makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD!

But hey! Don't just take MY word for it... Here's an awesome review someone posted:

"Working with Joseph Perry was fantastic! Hands down the most efficient refinancing process we've ever gone through."

Another important factor to keep in mind when buying a new home is that it’s extremely important to get the financial package together up-front, knowing exactly what type of financing is going to be used and putting a formal loan commitment in-place (vs. a generic pre-approval).

Pssst... I can help you!

So this means, at that point, your ducks are in a row and it's a done deal with regards to your financing... The money’s already been set up on a virtual shelf with your name on it, and now it’s time to go house shopping while having absolute confidence in your home buying process.

Win, Win!...

Doing it this way will put you ahead of the curve in regards to timing, ability to perform, and in being able to make an iron-clad offer.

When the new property is identified, we’ll be able to move swiftly without all of the typical headaches, snags, underwriting issues, etc.

Aside from sharing this beneficial advice with you, I'd also like to take this opportunity to share that I am super excited for the launch of my new branding for The Real Joe Perry Home Loans!

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