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Country Living In Fresno

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

If Big

If big city amenities and small-town charm appeal to you, check out Fresno.

Big City Amenities with a Country Feel

Whether you want an apartment, a townhome, a ranch, a gated or golf community or even a private lake community, Fresno can accommodate your desires, often at a reasonable price point. Despite being a major California city, you can live comfortably here on about $100,000 a year and still would be able to save and cover unexpected expenses.

And you wouldn’t be bored. My wife and I rarely travel because there’s so much here to do and see.

If you want to pursue outdoor activities, Yosemite National Park is about an hour away, there are golf courses galore, and two public lakes for boating.

Entertainment options include the Save Mart Center, which hosts concerts, sporting events, comedians and shows, the Fresno Fairgrounds, which is the venue for numerous musical acts when it’s in town, and there’s the 100+-year-old Clovis Rodeo. And if you’re interested in museums and galleries, you’ll find a range to peruse. Whatever may interest you - you’re sure to find something here.

The Famous Valley

Located in the California’s famous Central Valley known as the breadbasket of the world, the area boasts a thriving job market that goes well beyond its agricultural base as offers world class medical services and hospitals.

It also has a highly rated school district. Clovis Unified School District not only has good schools, its students enjoy individualized attention with a student-to-teacher ratio averaging 24 to 1. The schools also are known for solid sports programs as well as other great extracurricular opportunities.

If you’re in search of post-secondary academics, Fresno has a range of options, including the well regarded California State University Fresno, two community colleges, and multiple private colleges.

And between the Fresno Area Express bus service and Uber and Lyft, you conceivably could get around even if you have no car.

If you want a safe community offering an exciting yet affordable California lifestyle with big city resources and a small town vibe, Fresno and environs may offer you the locale of your dreams.

Call me at 559-917-1799 or email me a and let’s talk.

Let’s see if, together, we can make those dreams come true for you.

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