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Focus On Your Zen

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Ever Heard the phrase, “Where Focus goes, Energy flows?” It’s all too true, and it’s time to focus on a little bit of self-care and security to make sure you are ready to ride out whatever life throws at you. And the best way to do that is to feel like your home is peaceful. You’re surrounded by all the things and comforts that support your well-being and creativity. I am not exaggerating when I say Your entire future depends on it.

Comfort and Well-being look different to everyone. My little slice of heaven may not be yours, but in today’s economy, political climate, and polarizing differences “out there,” it’s essential to find what yours is, protect it, nurture it, and create an environment that is good for the soul.

The Connection between Space and Wellness

We, as human beings, are significantly impacted by our environment. I’m not talking about the natural laws that cue the body, like circadian rhythm. I’m talking about more of the external cues we program our minds and bodies to react to based on our specific genetic wiring.

If nature sets the stage, how we nurture ourselves in our surroundings helps us develop into who we are and want to be. So much of our identity is wrapped up in our surroundings. Subconsciously or not, our bodies know. For example, a cluttered, overcrowded space with too many things that may at once have meant something to you but are now collecting dust become a mental cue for your brain to be stressed, over-crowded, and constantly looking for peace and quiet. Conversely, having a space that is too formal or clinical and austere takes away the ability of our brains to connect a social infrastructure to support our interests, creativity, and hobbies.

So how do you build social interaction outside of society?

Every person involved in designing their own space should recognize the need to incorporate living elements and interest zones that will build their own development. What else is needed to interact with? Plants, art, pets (if you so choose). Your space is your heaven. Make it a place you WANT to be in.

Bringing it all back to basics. What we focus to create for ourselves is what is going to happen. The art of focusing on creating a safe space for yourself isn’t just theory. It’s a vibrational equivalent to scientific proof. Set yourself up to take on ANY challenge by creating a space you LOVE. One that you can’t wait to get back to. One that cultivates your growth. Finally, a space you don’t look at as merely an investment for wealth accumulation, but a space for the soul.

When you feel supported in your space, you feel supported in your finances, the home you live in, and the surroundings you choose; you can quite literally take on anything this world has in store for you.

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